Can't Sleep? Try Hypnotherapy!

When we cannot sleep, our subconscious mind is waiting for a signal from the conscious mind that it is time to take over, when we are worried or stressed, the mind is so busy the subconscious just does not get the signal. In hypnotherapy we can help the subconscious by giving it a trigger that it will recognise as the call to sleep and we can use a visualisation process that re-enforces the sleep message to the ever patient subconscious just waiting for it’s call to take charge. Hypnotherapy can also help to tackle the underlying stress and anxiety and we can utilise self hypnosis techniques and breathing exercises that will all help optimise sleep opportunities.

Nature or Nurture

When Crick discovered DNA, it was believed to be the answer to everything, our fate was set in our genes. Research spearheaded by Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton tells a different story, it shows that protein causes behaviour of a cell not the DNA and that this is activated by perception switches. Our belief in what makes us who we are is changing through this new science, the science of Epigenetics. Why is this important? It proves we are not a hostage to our genes, we are not a hostage to fate. If we have the cancer gene it does not mean we will get cancer, if we have the fat gene we will not necessarily be fat. Emotional, psychological and environmental factors can all influence our make

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