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Don't Get Lippy - Living with cleft lip/palate

Living with a cleft lip/palate may mean a baby struggles to thrive in its early life and it faces a future enduring countless operations, it also involves a battle growing up against the judgement of others, the staring of strangers, the damage to self-worth from the ignorance displayed by people. I have a dear friend with cleft and she has now had a baby with the same condition, she has had to watch him struggle to feed, then have two operations and he is not yet one year old. She knows from her own experience the prejudices and petty mindedness he will face growing up and as a result of this, she has set up a company called Don’t Get Lippy, to raise awareness of the issues around living with cleft and to provide products and services to help others going through what she has experienced. She asked me to make some sound recordings to help with the psychological battles with confidence, low mood and poor self-esteem that can accompany living with cleft and we have just finished the first three, it is a project dear to my heart and I am proud to be involved with it.

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