Around six million people in the UK suffer from Migraine and if you are one of them, you will be familiar with that pulsing pain over the eye, the nausea and that flickering fractured shimmering in your vision. Once you have had an attack, fear of it happening again can become overwhelming. There is still a lot of debate about the causes of Migraine, certainly fluctuations in serotonin levels is believed to be a factor, hormone changes in women, certain foods can play a part, as can poor sleep, but the one thing everyone seems to be agreed upon is the role of stress in triggering Migraines. In hypnotherapy we can work with a variety of methods to tackle Migraine, we can give techniques to u

Trouble Sleeping?

I have now recorded a digital download utilising hypnotherapy techniques to help you to get to sleep. I wonder if you find that the harder you try to get to sleep the more difficult it becomes? This is one of the great laws of the mind, one that has been recently proved in a research project where students were paid to try to get to sleep quickly and they just could not do it, in this download we stop focusing on trying to get to sleep, but give the conscious mind a trigger to send to the subconscious mind. When we are trying to sleep the subconscious is waiting for this signal from the conscious mind, that it is ready to switch off, some of us call it a sleep trigger, in this download we w

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