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Around six million people in the UK suffer from Migraine and if you are one of them, you will be familiar with that pulsing pain over the eye, the nausea and that flickering fractured shimmering in your vision. Once you have had an attack, fear of it happening again can become overwhelming. There is still a lot of debate about the causes of Migraine, certainly fluctuations in serotonin levels is believed to be a factor, hormone changes in women, certain foods can play a part, as can poor sleep, but the one thing everyone seems to be agreed upon is the role of stress in triggering Migraines.

In hypnotherapy we can work with a variety of methods to tackle Migraine, we can give techniques to use with an aura migraine to help prevent it from developing into a full attack once the aura has started, we can work with calming tools to use when there is a situation which could trigger a Migraine, we can give techniques to manage pain and sickness, we can help to achieve effective sleep. We may record a short 10 minute audio file, that you can play to help to avert an attack if you have a warning, or in anticipation of an attack if you are under stress. Indeed managing stress can make up a significant part of any programme to combat migraine and that ongoing anticipation of another attack.

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