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Can Hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

We have all heard the news this summer that the Government wants to tackle obesity as a high priority, after the data was revealed that 8% of those in intensive care with COVID 19 were clinically obese, Boris Johnson felt that being overweight, could have contributed to how ill he was himself. The plan is to get the nation fit by getting them on their bikes, 50,000 fix your bike vouchers were up for grabs and it is being reported that Doctors will be prescribing bikes on the NHS. Check out the Independent article below if you would like to know more about this scheme.

The newspapers abound with headlines about weight issues including its impact on the NHS through the growing numbers of people with diabetes, last year the Telegraph ran with the headline that the NHS could collapse under the strain of weight problems as an estimated 2.85 million people are now diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in England. The situation has been made even worse by the lockdown with two-thirds of people claiming to be struggling with their weight, over-eating being driven by, in some cases boredom and in others anxiety. The figures now show about 35 million adults as overweight in the UK, the numbers just keep growing.

The Government focus on the country’s weight issues is wonderful news, especially the plan to fund ways to tackle it, but their approach does not take into account one of the big problems people who are overweight struggle with, their will power, that is why they eat too much and are not already cycling all over the place and getting fit. This is where hypnotherapy for weight control comes in. There are often underlying issues why people use food to excess. Being over-weight is actually a “head thing”, handing someone a bike will not get them onto it, they need help to find the motivation to do this, that is where hypnotherapy may make a difference, we can use hypnotherapy to target motivation and to tackle the underlying cause of over-eating in the subconscious, looking for what is driving a person to seek solace in food, what is stopping them getting onto their bike or walking instead of getting into the car, we can work with the will to change. Is it not about time the powerful work hypnotherapy does to help people control their weight was recognised, this could be prescribed on the NHS instead of, or indeed as well as the bicycle?!

Read more about the Government plans here:

But if you want some help to get onto that bicycle or to lose weight even without it, check out the hypnotherapists near you now, but make sue they belong to a Professional Association then you know they are properly trained and monitored. I am the Chair of one of these organisations, The British Association fo Therapeutic Hypnotists and you can find out more about hypnotherapy and find a therapist on their website


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