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As a form of Self-Help, Self-Hypnosis leads the way!

If you want to help yourself to make changes in your life, perhaps the lockdown has made you see things that need to change, or maybe you used food or alcohol to get you through, Self-Hypnosis can help you. I have written a book that guides you through the process step by step and explains how it works. It is so empowering to create your own therapy, no one else telling you what to do, but taking charge yourself. Nobody knows you like you do, so by creating your own therapy you can target it in just the right way. You will be accessing the great power house of your subconscious mind to change entrenched patterns and behaviours. The book is packed with scripts and word patterns tackling a range of problems and there are sample therapies there for you to see how it all fits together. "Self-Help, Self-Hypnosis" is the name of my book, it is published by Grosvenor House and available to order through any bookshop, through my online shop and online at Amazon.

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