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Did you get through lockdown with a drink or two?

Did you get through lockdown with the help of a few too many drinks? Dr Mirium Stoppard raises her concerns about this in an article in Mirror online, adding it as one of the extra concerns for the nation’s health facing the pandemic. On a good year alcohol costs the NHS 3.5 billion, so we already have a problem, which has been fuelled by the lockdown. Shut in at home with families 24/7, the strain of home schooling, worries about keeping jobs, facing illness and bereavements, not to mention fear, unable to pursue usual coping strategies like going to the gym, there is no doubt that many people found solace in a drink or two, but what to do now as lockdown eases and life begins to return to normal. The surge of people flocking back to the pubs yesterday and the reports of a police service struggling to cope, reveals the problem to us starkly. It is important to tackle this learned drinking behaviour right away before it becomes an entrenched pattern, that is where hypnotherapy can help you. It is unlikely to be now a conscious decision to have a drink, you may even have a small argument with yourself about it and try to stop, but that devil on your shoulder keep saying “oh, go on”, so that is your subconscious leading you astray and we can work with that in hypnotherapy using different therapeutic methods and give you new strategies and tools to help you cope as life returns to the new normal!

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