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Nature or Nurture

Father with child

When Crick discovered DNA, it was believed to be the answer to everything, our fate was set in our genes. Research spearheaded by Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton tells a different story, it shows that protein causes behaviour of a cell not the DNA and that this is activated by perception switches. Our belief in what makes us who we are is changing through this new science, the science of Epigenetics. Why is this important? It proves we are not a hostage to our genes, we are not a hostage to fate. If we have the cancer gene it does not mean we will get cancer, if we have the fat gene we will not necessarily be fat. Emotional, psychological and environmental factors can all influence our make up. How we perceive the world will impact on our genes. Thus the power of what we think and feel will effect our health and well being. So where does hypnotherapy fit into all this? Through hypnotherapy we can make changes in the subconscious mind, our subconscious is like a pre-recorded tape and like a pre-recorded tape it can be recorded over and changed, the power of thought can be harnessed to effect that change. If you think you have addiction issues because a parent was an addict, if you think you are fat because a parent is fat, you do not have to passively accept it, challenge that perception, alter the pattern by changing your mind.

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