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Stoptober and the Food Bank-Free Hypnotherapy!

To coincide with Stoptober 2018, The British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists, of which I am Chair, is offering a limited number of free hypnotherapy sessions to people who are accessing the Food Bank to help them to quit smoking. When you are stuck in a tough situation, with limited resources and lots of stress, it is hard to quit something that your mind is telling you will make you feel better, which of course it is not, it is a faulty link created in the subconscious many years ago. Everyone knows these days that a cigarettes has the likes of cyanide in them, no-one would deliberately choose to take in cyanide would they? That old urge in the subconscious needs to be re-programmed and those most in need of help are often those least able to afford it. We decided we wanted to help, we have the skills to help people quit and find a better way to do for themselves what they thought the smoking was doing for them. To find out if this is operating in your area, contact your local Food Bank or BAThH at

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