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Do you needs words to go into trance?

You do not need words to access the trance state, the inner programming we all have to respond to non verbal cues, can lead a person towards trance with simple signs, it is a very peaceful way to drift down into trance. It would be rare to use this in a therapeutic situation, though it can be very helpful if someone is suffering acute stress The technique in the video below would quickly bypass the critical faculty, through being surprised by unexpected instructions, whereas being told to simply calm down when stressed will usually create the reverse effect. We can drift into trance in many ways when our concentration is very focused, like playing an instrument or a sport, if a task is repetitive we can also drift into trance, the conscious mind drifts off and allows the subconscious to do the work, like a long motorway journey, most of us have experienced realising that we have passed motorway junctions without noticing. Trance is not as elusive as we think!

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