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Metaphor for change.

Metaphors and stories have been used to heal the mind since the days when the bards travelled the land and we still use stories to educate and inspire change. In my book The Healing Metaphor I examine the power of the metaphor and present a collection of metaphorical scripts, to create the connecting strategy to create change. Metaphors are familiar to everyone as a way to enhance communication, we are trained in the hidden messages of stories from the parables and fables of childhood. This understanding is utilised within the book,using familiar universal truths, which help to bypass resistance and create that Eureka moment of understanding.

The metaphors reach into the subconscious mind unhindered by the critical faculty of the conscious mind, like the medicine for a pet concealed within their food. This book provides a wide range of developed metaphors dealing with psychological and emotional issues including Addiction, Grief and Anxiety and physical issues such as Migraine, Cancer and IBS.

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