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Insight Timer

Insight timer is a free meditation app, I have just been accepted as one of their contributors. If you want to listen to my first free meditation recorded especially to insight timer, download the app, put in my name and a track called "Focus and Choice" will come up for you. There are some other great contributors on there like Sarah Blondin who gives some very insightful talks and Tony Brady with his lovely lilting Irish accent. You can also use the timer option within the app, which has a variety of bells and background sounds, there is a range of uplifting musical contributions from artists like Bevani Flute Music, for travelling deep within you can follow the Shamanic Fire Drummers, and for that peaceful drifting feeling there are high quality recordings of sounds from nature. I will be uploading more tracks soon, so if you click follow by my name on there, you will be notified when i upload something new, as well as meditation tracks, I have some talks in the pipeline. You can also get further tracks from my online shop at

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