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It's STOPTOBER-Quit smoking with Hypnotherapy

You know that smoking is bad for you. You know is is bad for your health, it hurts your pocket. I do not need to tell your conscious mind that, you probably know there is cyanide in the cigarettes you smoke. You are not consciously deciding to breathe that smoke in, knowingly poisoning yourself, you do not deliberately decide to do it, it is your subconscious mind that drives that habit, the devil on your shoulder egging you on, you may not even think about it all, as you reach for the packet, sometimes you might even light another cigarette whilst one lies smouldering in the ash tray, that smoking habit has become so deeply programmed into you.

You want to stop. You tell yourself again and again but it just has not worked. Hypnotherapy can help, it helps by working with that programming in your subconscious mind, changing it, re-wiring the messages and switching off that smoking impulse that you learned so long ago, unlearning it, substituting a new programme, finding new things that can do for you what smoking used to do for you, whatever it was you told yourself long ago you were doing it for, there is another way, smoking will not do that for you any more, you have a new way, so you do not need the smoking habit any more, it is redundant.

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