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Grief - Hypnotherapy can help

Most people think of grief as related solely to bereavement, it is the most common focus, but we can grieve for a lost relationship or for things we have never had, like unborn children. There are issues related to grief such as guilt, not having done enough for the deceased or said all that should have been said or not having fought to save a relationship. Grief is rarely isolated to one experience of loss, the person who is grieving will re-live each loss they have experienced, if it is a bereavement - each death, if it is a relationship break down - each ending, it becomes cumulative and intensifies. The emotional responses to grief, the stages of grief; anger; denial; bargaining; depression and finally acceptance are all coming from the subconscious mind, it is all going on beneath the surface as we try to negotiate every day life again. In hypnotherapy we can use metaphors, direct and indirect suggestions to assist the subconscious to process the grief and deal with any associated issues. If we want to, we can have the conversations that we never had, re-visit situations in the past and get a new perspective on them, we can find the right pathway to ultimate acceptance of what is and for healing to occur.

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