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Panic attacks? Try Hypnotherapy

Woman with panic attack

Our automatic stress response, that primal instinct designed to protect us, often called our Fight or Flight mechanism, causes panic attacks. It often mis-reads a situation that is not a real danger and triggers the response causing the familiar, sweating, racing heart, fast breathing and nausea. Even worse, once someone has had a panic attack, they begin to expect it to happen again, that anticipation of an attack makes it even more likely to happen. As this is an unconscious response, it means hypnotherapy is well placed to help, as it works with that part of the mind. We can work with re-training that response and we do this using NLP techniques and metaphors, direct and indirect suggestions, we create positive resource states and thus empower someone to change that faulty programme in the mind and create a more effective one. We can start to get those racing horses, those runaway thoughts in your subconscious mind back under control.

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