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Taming the mind

I am delighted to be working with local charity Speak upCIC who offer support for people living with anxiety and depression. I am now running an 8 week course that i have devised especially for them called "Taming the mind" We all approach depression and anxiety from a different place, our life experience,learned behaviour and genetic factors will all contribute, so there is not one pathway out, not a one size fits all, cure all. With that in mind I have created an eight week course that examines a variety of different approaches to the management of depression, so that hopefully there is something within the course for everyone. We look at at CBT triggers, anchors and resource states; Meditation, mindfulness, breath work, visualisation, intent focus and chant; NLP re-framing, perceptions, logical levels of change and modelling; Poetry as a doorway to therapy; Dairy keeping and the healing nature of sound. It is not compulsory to explore all the elements of the course, if there is something that does not appeal, then that bit can be left out, it is possible to dip in and out of the course, like choosing from the menu and find what will be right for you or dive in and try a bit of everything. In India they compare the mind to racing horses and it can feel like that sometimes, that the mind is out of control, either through anxious thoughts that completely hijack the mind and takeover or dark mood states that become overwhelming. The approaches we examine on the course, aim to empower people to begin to tame those racing horses, to take the control back,to divert that powerful mind down new pathways. The aim is to provide a tool kit of strategies to take away by the end of the course. Some of the resources are provided in an audio format that you can be listened to later.

The course is currently running in Deal and will run in Sandwich soon.

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