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Meditation is a useful tool to help cope with the pressures of modern living.

Next 5 part meditation workshop starts April 2019. 


Headtogether offers a Relaxation/Meditation Course as a five-week programme of five 90 minute sessions or a one-day workshop to introduce you to the different approaches to meditation as it is not a one size fits all experience. Many courses just promote one approach to meditation, our course will guide you to find the right path for you which will help to still the wild mind and work towards strong physical and mental health.  The course is available on a one to one basis or as a group.

Relaxation audio downloads available now at our online shop

Relaxation and Meditation Pricing

Five week course - £130
Day workshop - £95 including lunch

One day and Evening Retreats in a rural setting in the heart of Kent, available bi-monthly.
Day Retreat -  £65 lunch included.
Evening Retreat - £50

What you will learn:

  • Breath work - full body breathing - Our breath is our primary energy source, yet we do not use it to its full potential. This session will look at understanding the breath, breathing patterns, address issues like paradoxical breathing and low level hyperventilation. It will help you to develop healthy breathing patterns and to use your breath to its full potential for improved physical and mental health.

  • Chant - the eastern traditions use a combination of chant and posture (mudras) as a way to generate energy, calm the mind and develop spiritual awareness, in this session we will utilise chants from Sikh and Ayurvedic traditions for healing of the mind body and soul.

  • Visualisation - Visualisation utilises the creative powers of the mind to go on a journey which can be restful, invigorating and reveal aspects of the self which can lie hidden. Taking control of the mind and taking it where you want, will help to deal with the stresses and strains of daily life 

  • Intent Focus - Mindfulness is the buzz word of the moment in meditation, it comes from ancient eastern traditions and has been revived by authors like Eckhart Tolle in recent times. The focus on the moment, on simple tasks to quiet the wild mind is a useful tool for anyone interested in meditation. Creating an intent focus on one thought, one action will help achieve the stillness, at the heart of which lies contentment.

  • Conclusion- Examining a daily routine of meditation practice and a summary of the tools available to you to find peace in your busy lives, looking at all we have learned and finding the right path for you.

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