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Want to lose weight? Forget dieting

Most people who want to lose weight focus on the idea of going on a diet, this is something temporary, is a struggle and painful, hard to stick to. I was with a friend for lunch last week who said to me whilst looking at the menu “I am supposed to be on a diet” which makes it sound like something to be resisted or negotiated with, this does not lead to permanent weight loss but a battle of see-sawing up and down in weight. Summer is getting nearer, everyone is thinking about getting their bikini out, putting the shorts and summer dresses on and worrying about how they will look. Staying the correct weight for you will only change by changing your eating habits, this does not mean go on a diet but change your relationship with food. Food is designed to fuel your body, with hypnotherapy we can change that old faulty programme in your subconscious, set up to use food as a reward or for comfort and get your fuelling your body in the right way, so you do not have to think about diets on and off, in fact you do not having to obsess about food at all, just fuelling up and taking care of your body, get your subconscious to do the work for you.

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